is the largest city and the commercial capital of Gujarat. This is one of the biggest reasons why real estate markets are booming in the city. With population, even the trunk infrastructure is constantly improving in the city. For any city, real estate sector goes hand in hand with infrastructure. The better the infrastructure, the higher its rates. The city has constantly upgraded its infrastructure, in terms of public spaces like riverfront, transport connectivity like BRTS and the upcoming metro. On the other hand, the growth stimulators for the real estate market in Ahmedabad comes with the development of the residential market, malls, office spaces, Smart City and flyovers.

After the enactment of the Gujarat Town Planning and urban development act (GTPUDA), the city grew in a very organized and planned manner. With implementation of Town planning act, there was a uniform and planned growth. The western part of the city has grown as per Town planning scheme. This difference can be easily observed in the Eastern and the Western footprints of the city. It is observed that the maximum planned activities of residential, commercial and retail development are witnessed in the western micro market of Ahmedabad.