1. Independent of construction:

Land is a natural asset. Real estate industry is suffering heavy losses due to construction delays. Money invested in land is immune to this because land investment is not dependent on construction. Hence there will be no delay in the delivery of product.

2. Demand of more industries:

Many big manufacturing units from US and Japan are planning to shift their base from China to India. Dholera SIR being a major node at DMIC, could be a very appropriate location to setup their base, considering cheap land and industrial smart city.

3. Increased opportunities leading to land rate escalation:

As more people would be willing to setup their base in Dholera, parallelly more labour force would be attracted. In turn the demand for settlements and commercial would increase. This would lead to escalation in the existing land rates.

4. Quality of life in Dholera:

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of clean and green cities. Dholera being a smart city would attract people since it would be having robust and smart infrastructure, well planned green spaces and would provide its citizens a good quality of life.

5. Non-volatile market:

Land markets do not operate on a particular index like the stock markets. Once the pandemic is over, the land rates will retain their values and these values will only get higher with laying of trunk infrastructure.

6. Pandemic is temporary, land is permanent:

Investments made in land yield benefits in long term generally. On an average a person at least invests in land for a few years. As per record, there is recovery period of pandemic after which things start getting back to normal. Later, once the economy is back on its trajectory the land rates remain stable or increase. So any investments made in land markets generally remain unaffected by any pandemic.

7. Land rates fall during a pandemic, leading to higher returns:

During a pandemic, the overall economy is low. This gives a very good opportunity to investors to invest. For any investor, investing at time when the rates are low, leads to very good returns once the economy is back to trajectory. Once the pandemic is over, the investor can earn much higher returns in a short span of time.

8. Increased Demand for greenfield city:

A greenfield city is developed over an area where earlier there was no development. So, the development would be new and fresh which would make the place clean. Pertaining to the fear that has been caught up in people’s mind with respect to the virus, more number of people would prefer moving to a Greenfield city, which opens doors of opportunities in Dholera Smart City.