Infinity infra Group ( An ISO 9001:2015 Company ) is one of the Most Trusted and Reliable Real estate Companies of India. Recently we are featured in one of the magazines “Business Sight of India” Jan 2020 Edition “ Infinity Infra- Dholera – BS 10 Most Trusted Builders & Developers to Watch in 2020 “ where other national prominent player like Hiranandani was also featured. ( link : Business Sight: Infinity )

For Dholera SIR, Infinity is The Most Trusted and Most Experienced Brand to Invest your hard earn money with complete peace of mind, Be it Residential, Commercial & Industrial Plot or Bulk land, or any other zones like solar, sports and recreation, Logistics, Tourism and Resort Etc.

We have Legacy of doing Transparent and Fair Trade Practices through which We could be Able to sale more than 7 Million Sq Feet Land in Retail Trades and More than 87 Million Sq Feet Land in Whole Sale Trades in Residential , Commercial and Industrial Zone .

If we talk About Dholera SIR Residential zone, Major Land in TP2 and TP1 Belongs to Infinity Infra Group. We have our Prominent presence in Gorasu , Kadipur , and Bhadiyad Village, also we are the one who has sold maximum land in residential area of Gorasu , Kadipur and Bhadiyad ( TP1 & TP2 western Area). Our customers are Delighted with the fair Trade Practices so far which includes Fair and Reasonable Pricing , Fulfilment of Commitment , Money Back Guarantee.

About Commercial land, We are synonym of Commercial Land in Dholera ( Commercial land in Dholera = Infinity Infra ). Most Prominent locations in TP1,TP2,TP3,TP4,TP6 be it City Center zone , Be it Knowledge and IT zone or High Access Corridor Belong to us. We have Sold Maximum Land in Commercial zones of Village Dholera , Kadipur , Sandhida , Otariya , Panchi and Hebatpur. Customer can Avail Ready N.A land at Any Point of time from us on fair pricing and other needed commitment and Above all with Trust and Experience of “INFINITY”

Same is with Industrial zones ( Special Focus on Activation area and TP1 ) , Resort and Tourism Zones , Sports and Recreation Zone and Last but not least Solar and Renewable Energy Zone, We can provide Best Locations with seasoned Experience and Best Price among all Trusted Brands.

For Bhavnagar , We are Market leader in Few areas in Affordable Plots with Full infrastructure ( Already Developed many societies ) and Some Commercial Buildings and Residential bungalows schemes.

At Gandhinagar , We have our own Industrial Park Near Kalol Industrial area named “ Infinity Industrial Park “ With all Required Infrastructure.

We Believe in Fair Pricing , Commitment fulfilment , Transparent Dealing And Honesty, through which we were able to grow and still growing.